Cocoa Weekly Opportunity

Cocoa is a member of the “softs” commodity group: those that are grown, rather than mined. As a commodity, cocoa refers to cocoa beans, which are the dried seeds of the Theobroma tree – from the Greek theos, meaning “god” and broma, meaning “food.” Once used as a common currency, cocoa today is used primarily in the production of chocolate and other products, such as cocoa butter.

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USDJPY Weekly Update

Here you can appreciate a USDJPY chart of 6 of September with a projection on the path of the price that behave pretty well, according to plan. The price went from 108 to 114
Then we can see a second chart that is “under construction” with a downward wedge patter at the top and a possible Head an Shoulders, we still need to wait a little to see if this is going to develop like that

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EURUSD – Head & Shoulders

As stated a couple of weeks ago, EURUSD retested the confluence of resistance levels in the 1.1860-1.1870 area, however the downtrend remains intact and we continue to target the 200 day moving average neighorhood which sits at 1.1220. – This next move lower should help bring the pair slightly more in line with curve spreads, the correlation of which broke earlier in July this year.

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